Ron has dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of music. With deep roots in Rock, Blues and Jazz, he began studying music as a child with saxophone, composition and took many years of guitar lessons, before graduating from Berklee College of Music. Ron spent years establishing himself as an expert by touring as a guitarist, recording artist and educator in the U.S. & Canada alongside the biggest names in Jazz and Education. In 2004, drawing from valuable pedagogical and performing experience, he founded Bosse School of Music in Weymouth MA, which quickly became the South Shore’s premier establishment for music education, surpassing conservatories and studios statewide. Additionally, Ron plays and teaches bass and is the lead recording engineer at Bosse Studios, located at BSM.



BSM co-founder Trina Bosse has been providing quality music education to students of all levels since the school’s inception in 2004. Trina Holds her B.M. in Music/Voice from Berklee College of Music, where she graduated with honors gaining valuable experience in the world of vocal and group performing by learning from such talents as Lisa Thorson, Dale Pfieffer, Jeff Ramsey and Livingston Taylor. With over a decade of teaching experience in vocal and instrumental lessons, Trina is able to create a fun, inspirational, and truly educational experience for students of all levels. From vocal technique and song study, to overall musicianship and songwriting, Trina helps students explore not only the big picture of singing, but the ins –and- outs of music as a whole. From contemporary music and improvisation, to theatre and audition prep, students can rely on Trina as a warm and experienced professional to help them achieve their musical goals. Trina can be seen singing throughout Boston and the South Shore, and can be heard on many acclaimed professional recordings. Vocal Styles Taught: Pop / Rock / Broadway/ Jazz / Traditional Audition Prep



Raised in a family of professional musicians, Sara began studying music at a very young age, making it a priority throughout her early and teen years. After private studies, Sara went on to graduate Cum Laude from U.N.C. At Greensboro, on scholarship, earning a B.M. degree focused on Viola Performance under violist Dr. Scott Rawls and achieving piano proficiency. She then continued her graduate studies at the University of Memphis, and finally at the Longy School of Music with violist Paula Majerfeld. A full-time member of the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra, Sara plays regularly in large groups in addition to many independent appearances. A compassionate and dedicated teacher, Sara shares her relevant musical talents, insight and techniques with students of all ages.



A native of Boston, Daniel began classical piano lessons as a boy, and his training continued throughout college where he earned a B.M. degree in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with piano concentration, and studying with concert pianists Nigel Coxe, Estela Olevsky, and Nadine Shank. Later he began organ lessons and has served as music director for Catholic and Methodist churches. Daniel has over two decades of experience teaching in public and private schools, and brings a unique approach to teaching children. An accomplished solo pianist and accompanist, Dan brings his vast instrumental experience, patience and much enthusiasm to his students. Daniel is committed to a high standard and excellent quality of musical education.



A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston, Nick received his Bachelor of Music studying under Timothy McFarland and graduating with honors. Nick’s experience teaching and playing the saxophone family (alto, tenor and soporano) on an advanced and competitive level gives him the edge to prepare rising students for the challenges of solo and group performance, as well as give well rounded fundamental training to beginner students. Nick is also core member of Bosse Studios as well as Bosse Tech and has worked on numerous high-profile projects. His other professional skills include audio recording, videography, photography and design. Combining traditional musical instruction with the technology of today is Nick’s forte. He also holds an MBA from The University of Massachusetts Boston as well.



The power and emotion of music grabbed Felix from the start. A Berklee graduate, Felix studied with greats Jon Damian, Jim Kelly, Charlie Banacus, and Gary Burton, then went onto teaching and touring with his original jazz/funk/rock bands “Shockra” and “Heavy Metal Horns”. With 20+ years of experience performing, teaching and inspiring students of all ages, Felix teaches with passion and confidence in his unique teaching method that helps students build skills by learning actual songs and riffs, right from the start. His goal is to help you develop your own style. A multi instrumentalist and well-versed musical leader, Felix brings to BSM his love for teaching and his joyful, encouraging attitude.



A guitarist since the age of ten, T.J. began his studies in traditional music theory and notation on classical guitar, and was then introduced to new styles such as rock and metal styles shortly afterward. T.J. discovered his calling and passion for Rock guitar, and continued his studies all the way to his college career. An active performer and studio buff, T.J’s guitar skills and talent for studio production helped to secure him at spot at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, where he earned a B.M. in Music Production and Engineering as a principal guitarist. Studying under guitar greats such as Bret Wilmott, Freddie Bryant, and Shaun Michaud, and with renowned MP&E faculty such as Susan Rogers and Prince Charles Alexander, T.J. has had hands-on experience with some of the best guitarists and studio experts anywhere. Joining the BSM faculty to share his love of guitar, and all of its modern styles, T.J. encourages students of all ages to explore the music that drives them. from Indie and alternative, to hard rock and metal, both on the guitar and in the recording studio.



Drummer and teacher, John Dalton is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where he studied with Chris Poudrier Jamie Eckert, and Jim Robitaille. He is a regular performer on the Boston scene, as both a sideman and the leader of his own group, “John Dalton’s Spheres of Influence”, which has played in various venues, including at the New Bedford Jazz festival. John has been featured in performances from a wide variety of musicians, including Jim Robitaille, Jing Wang and Royal Hartigan. A life-long drummer, his teaching style emphasizes musicality and fun, while also encouraging fluency in a variety of musical styles, drum grooves and rhythms. John shares the passion and joy of making music with students of all ages, and proposes creative ways to get students playing, and keep them motivated while making musical progress. It’s as simple as picking up that first pair of sticks!



Kaitlyn holds a B.M. in Vocal Performance from Southeast Missouri State University and an M.M in Vocal Performance from Longy School of Music of Bard College. She has studied voice for 20 years with instruction in classical song, musical theatre, and opera; although her teaching method extends to all styles of singing. Kaitlyn strives to create a fun environment by crafting her lessons based on the student’s age, experience, taste, and the student’s individual learning style. Believing that with training anyone can refine the voice and become a talented vocalist, the backbone to Kaitlyn’s teaching is just that – anyone can sing!



A high honors graduate of Berklee College of Music, guitarist Kris Somers joins the BSM staff with a multitude of experience. Specializing in contemporary and classic rock music, Kris has 20 years of teaching know-how to rely on. As a singer and guitar composer, Kris has released multiple solo records and has toured the U.S., making waves from Hollywood to Boston, where he is currently collaborating with Grammy award winning producer Paul Santo. As a teacher, Kris works with each student to assess individual needs and goals. Combining music theory, technical guitar skills, improvisation, songwriting, and live performance makes Kris’s lessons fun and ever-interesting. With extensive knowledge of both live performing and modern studio recording, Kris provides a multi-faceted foundation for his guitar students to build upon. Whether the goals is to record a demo, play live, or even join a band, Kris can help you get there.



Bryan Eyberg is a pianist, keyboardist and experienced singer. He holds a B.A in Music from Simpson College and a Master’s Degree in Music from the University of Michigan. Bryan has studied piano with Dr. Robert Larsen, Dr. Louis Nagel and Anton Nel, and Doug Buys at the New England Conservatory. He has also studied vocal accompanying with the renowned Martin Katz and composition with Bright Sheng. An experienced performer, Bryan has performed in many classical recitals throughout the U.S. and is a current member of the New. England Touring act “Best Not Broken”, who have opened for both the Gin Blossoms and Jefferson Starship as of late. As the group’s keyboardist, Bryan has played on the Vans Warped Tour, and has been nominated for two “Hollywood Music in Media” Awards. As a teacher, Bryan aims to build on solid traditional foundations in techniques and reading while adding repertoire from various genres (classical, theatrical, contemporary and pop) to acknowledge each student’s particular musical interests and tastes. Creating a fun and inspiring learning environment has been a top priority for Bryan as he’s conducted lessons with students of all ages for the past fifteen years.

Katelyn Geary


Katelyn holds a B.M. in Vocal Performance from University of Nebraska, an M.A. in Arts Administration, an M.M. in Opera from Longy School of Music of Bard College, and an Artist Diploma from Longy School of Music. Having studied voice and piano for 17 years, Katelyn believes in developing a student’s natural curiosity for learning through a flexible teaching process. Working with students in many styles including theater, classical, opera, rock, and pop, her teaching style is centered on a classical technique to promote healthy and sustainable singing. Katelyn supports her students, working to find their own unique sound to promote self-esteem and confidence. Katelyn strives to inspire a life-long love of music through fun lessons and exploration that her students can apply to all aspects of their lives.

Patrick Dalton


A strongly devoted musical student throughout his grade school years, Patrick came to Boston in 2004 to study at Berklee College of Music.  He is currently a multi-instrumentalist and music educator in the Boston area, touring with multiple New England groups.  With a diverse background and teaching experience that ranges from early education all the way to Master’s level, Patrick strives to always better understand music, and better communicate these findings to his students.  Patrick combines his 15+ year performance experience with his academic pursuits to tailor his teaching style to the needs of each individual student. From drums to guitar to keyboard, Patrick makes sure his students are in-the know, having fun and playing the music that inspires them.

Michael Dobiel


Mike’s early musical exposure began with saxophone study at age ten, expanding into bass guitar, and later, brass instruments as well. Mike earned a B.A. in saxophone performance and composition studying under Theodore Levine at Westfield State College. There, he performed as a solo artist, and as a group member in the Wind Symphony under the baton of Karen Lavoie. In 2009, Mike earned his M.M. in Composition from the University of Louisville. His dedication and saxophone expertise ensured Mike spots in various Improv groups and an overseas tour with “Serious Play”, a U.S. theatre company. A regular performer on the Boston scene, Mike has valuable professional and educational experience to share with students, from basic rudiments to advanced improvisation.

Norwood Pearson


Norwood Pearson is an educator and guitarist out of Greater Boston. Norwood holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Berklee College of Music, a Master of Music Education degree from Gordon College, and an Autism Specialist Master of Education degree from Cambridge College. As an educator, he has served for the past 11 years as the Middle School Instrumental Specialist for Braintree Public Schools in Braintree, MA. He has also served as the Music Director for both In Sync Center for the Arts in Quincy, MA, and Appel Farm Arts Camp in Elmer, NJ. As a guitarist, he has performed and given clinics internationally, including Hong Kong, Brazil, India, and Nepal. Performance venue credits include the Mohegan Sun Arena, Harvard University, and the famous Rainbow Room in NYC. Artist credits include The Platters, Peaches & Herb, The Drifters, The Coasters, Dolores “La La” Brooks, Hana Kahn, Beast Of Nod, lovelesslust, and The Eugeneration Project.